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How We Started


Catalyst is the vision of several pastors who have come together to build a ministry school that emphasizes learning to follow Jesus by doing His works and walking according to His word outside of the classroom: in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and cities. The desire is to nurture a church culture that passionately pursues the fullness of kingdom living.

Why Catalyst?


You should choose Catalyst if you desire to set aside four months to intentionally seek God's presence and God's will for your life. If you believe that now is the time for you to make an impact in your community and step up and grow in your faith and your ability to bring the life of Jesus to others and transform the world around you, then register for Catalyst and train with us!

Testimonies from Activation Events


“I step out from a place of fear to be able

to pray for strangers. I found myself blessed

at the same time as I was able to bring Jesus hope to a man in a 99 cent store.”  Laura


“After we went to a training, my wife and I prayed for a lady in a park. Our kids joined us and they were amazed how Jesus 

healed this woman's leg pain!”  Hernandez Family


“I wasn't expecting that much openness from people to receive prayer on the streets. It was amazing to see people's responses to God's love through prayer.” Mary

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