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CSOM Mexico Trip

This last weekend, a number of us from CSOM spent the day in Tijuana and Rosarito Mexico. In the morning, we worked at an outreach named Mexico Red This ministry provides meals, prayer, and hope in Zona Norte (ZN), a neighborhood of Tijuana known for its poverty, crime, heroin addiction, refugees, human trafficking, and one of America’s largest red-light districts.

The team at Mexico Red is amazing. Six days a week, the doors roll up and hundreds of tired broken people are greeted with fresh coffee, smiles, a message of hope, hot food, prayer, and love. Children go to another room where they receive lessons and food. When we sang worship, the people sang loud. When the good news was preached, they responded. We prayed for the sick using anyone who was available to translate. I prayed for one man with cancer, then another who’s wrist was obviously broken. We prayed for maybe 15 minutes and did not see the wrist healed, but he said that the pain was gone, so we rejoiced in that. In this ugly, harsh, inner-city street, there is a place of joy that shows on the faces. God bless the people of Mexico Red.

We spent some time at the YWAM base just outside of Tijuana. Thank the Lord for YWAM and their unending patience and dedication to disciple God’s people. Our friends from YWAM then took us down the coast to Rosarito to an orphanage for developmentally disabled children. We spent the afternoon playing, painting faces, blowing bubbles, coloring pictures, and just holding children.

God’s heart for the least is huge and his mercy never fails. Jesus said, when you do this to those whom the world sees as the least, you do it to me (gave me coffee, listened to me , prayed for me, played with me, held me, cared about me,…). Sometimes you need to go to the darkest places to see just how bright his light shines!

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