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Welcoming Divine interruptions!

I want to share a testimony of an encounter I had a few days ago on my morning run just before I went to work. About a mile from my house I passed a guy on the sidewalk whom I've not met before. I greeted him with a smile and a friendly hello as is my practice when I'm out and about anywhere ... especially in my neighborhood. He seemed friendly. As I jogged past him I asked him, "How are you doing?" I had passed him as I ran and he called back to me, "I'm just hangin'". Immediately a thought from God came to me in a fairly strong way and told me to go tell him that God said that he wants him not just "to hang" but to thrive. At first I resisted slightly and kept running. I rationalized that I needed to finish my run and get to work at the church office. But we've been learning in CSOM not to ignore the promptings we receive, because it generally dulls our ability to hear the voice of the Spirit (and takes the adventure out of Kingdom life!). So I turned around and ran back. I gave the word to my new friend and graciously welcomed the prayed that I offered him. We ended up spending 15 minutes together. He said he is born again, but it became clear that he didn't really know how to live the Jesus life. So he ended up giving me his address and invited me over for coffee. So God's presence showed up and I made a friend. Keep responding to the promptings you are getting at home, at work, in the neighborhood, etc. The Spirit is moving among us, we simply need to respond to God's promptings!

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