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So here we are, four weeks into the beginning of Catalyst and the Spirit has thrown us a challenge - How much of me do you want? It feels like the Matrix and Morpheus is offering us the blue pill or the red pill. I mean, do we really think we can hear God, see in the Spirit, heal the sick, cast out demons, receive knowledge for the people around us, and love like Jesus loves? It might be easier being a "Stealth Christian," looking and acting like the world around us - we still get Heaven, right?

Look at these people that God has introduced us to so far. Cheryl Allen who called us to come home to God - real intimacy with the Father, Son, and Spirit. Carl Tuttle calling us to know God's reckless mercy and turn our backs on what the world thinks about us. Robin Morrison challenging us to a prophetic lifestyle, moving out of our comfort zone and trusting that the voice we are hearing is from God. And Christeena Kale who challenges us to move into being who God has called us to be - his beloved sons and daughters, heirs who have access to it all.

Is anyone else overwhelmed? Does anyone else question if we are in anyway qualified to even try to run a school like this? Is this crazy? Or, did you guys hear it too - that same small voice that called Gideon out, and Abraham, and Moses, Peter, Paul... Were any of them ready? We are depending on God to provide everything we need to learn and release. The secret is that our Father wants this more than we do. Look at the people he has sent us so far, and I expect more. God will provide, and you who are stepping out and taking risks - don't look back. We are going to find out what it means to know we are children of God and full heirs. We are going to see wonderful things, we are going to see the people around us grow, and we are going to be changed. I want that - don't you?

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