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I Love Being God's Kid!

Not long ago, I was flying back from Dallas with my friend, Julie. We were at the airport in Dallas, carrying our stuff through security and sitting down to put on our shoes, when a young girl, about 21, turned around and said "I'm so nervous. I'm going to LA to meet my Dad. I haven't seen him in years and I hardly know him, but I just spoke with him and he said I can come there and live with him." We didn't say anything, we just listened to her as she said "I just became a Christian and my whole life is changing, and I don't know if this is a good move or not."

My Friend Julie has one of those faces that just lets you know you are important and loved. So we said to the girl, "can we pray with you?" Suddenly the kingdom of God broke into the airport at Dallas. We prayed for this girl, that God would open doors, that he would provide for her, that he would bless her relationship with her father, that she would find a good church, and that he would go deeper in her life and show her how much he loves her. Julie gave the girl her phone number and said "call me if you ever want to pray," and then she was gone.

Who told this girl we were Christians? Who told her to turn around and talk to us? Who put us together in the middle of an airport? When you give your life to Jesus and accept the life he wants to give us, it's an "E" ticket to an exciting and interesting life. You never know what might happen in the next day, hour, or minute. It's the family business, and it's awesome because it matters, and God promises to give us whatever we need when we need it, to do his work. This is the Christian life, and this is what CSOM is about preparing us for.

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