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Perpetually Hungry and Thirsty

Hi CSOMers!

I trust that you are experiencing a week of adventure and growth! And if for any reason this is not your experience at the moment, that is totally ok. The reason it's ok is because God has created us to always be hungry and thirsty for him. We are always to be "on the hunt" for intimacy with God and we will never be satisfied. But always being on the hunt takes us to incredible places with God. This is what Cheryl Allen imparted to us last week. And I'm really grateful for this truth.

In my own journey in deeper communion with God and greater experience of him as I'm out on the street with unchurched people I was impacted by two things in particular. First, I took up Cheryl's challenge from Eph 5:19 to be filled with God's Spirit by singing my own songs to Jesus and by singing Psalms. I do regularly worship by listening to worship music, but am not in a regular habit of singing my own simple songs that I spontaneously make up. I'm also not in the habit of singing Psalms. So I started doing it this week and it's been very sweet. Secondly, I was at Isaiah's Rock last Friday and got to pray over an older gentleman who has stage 4 bone cancer and that very day for some reason had be forced to leave his home. He was a really sweet guy. As I and a small group of people prayed for him he felt God's presence and peace fill his soul. It was so sweet to watch God touch him. He got a place to stay with Charlene from Isaiah's Rock who will be looking after him. It's so good to be receiving from God on Tuesday nights (and in other ways) and then to get out on the streets with unchurched people just like Jesus did. "The meat is in the street."

I am praying for each of you that this week that you would embrace the pursuit of hungering and thirsting after him!

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