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Still wondering what Catalyst is about?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Catalyst is about”doin the stuff” as John Wilber use to say. The Bible is filled with amazing signs and wonders. So, when did the Bible become a story about what God did “once upon a time?” The Bible is a menu of what we can experience - it’s a guidebook to show us how to live, and that includes the gifts, power, visions, miracles, and voice of God. It’s not DIY - you can’t just follow A, B, and C. We need to know and hear God to do the stuff, and we need to believe. Jesus told the Sadducees “you are wrong because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God.” That means it’s our job to learn both!

How do we learn to move in the power of God? We need to know him. Catalyst is about knowing and loving God - developing a deep relationship with the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. It’s learning and receiving from people who are farther on this journey then we are - and it’s about saying “yes” to Jesus. Peter, when he was in the boat and saw Jesus walking on the water, looked at his face and saw something in his eyes that made him step out of the boat. Don’t you think there was a huge smile on Jesus’ face when he pulled Peter up by the hand? For a while something clicked. That is what Catalyst is about - seeing Jesus’ face urging us to get out of the boat. Follow me, take this handful of food and feed these people, heal that blind man, go talk to that person and I will give you the words. Come do what I do. Take the risk. Believe.

There are people in this world who live different lives. They hear God’s voice daily. At times they see the spiritual world around them. They speak with the authority of God to heal people, change the weather, do miracles. Sometimes they see angels. They command demons to leave and the demons obey. Sometimes the Spirit downloads information to them through their dreams. Does this sound like Harry Potter or the Matrix? No, it’s the Bible, and it’s now - it’s a relationship - knowing the presence of Jesus, and finding out what it means to be a child of God and an heir of the Kingdom.

Welcome to Catalyst.

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