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Monrovia Treasure Hunt
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Rafael Gomez
May 07, 2019
Last year, after Cathy and I said yes to the Monrovia Vineyard's board call to become the interim pastors of this small, faithful, and resilient flock - I began to pray asking God for direction. I felt that the way on for the Vineyard in Monrovia included dynamic and catalytic partnerships with other vibrant congregations in SoCal - specifically, and I shared this vision with the board last summer, Vineyard of Harvest and the Anaheim Vineyard. This past Saturday, May 4, that vision became a reality when an amazing team from VOH and Pomona Vineyard, came to help us take the Gospel of the Kingdom out to the streets of Old Town Monrovia. Our team of three engaged several business owners, prayed with them and blessed them. We didn't see anything overtly supernatural during our Treasure Hunt - but later, as we debriefed with the other teams and leaders Glen Taylor asked Terry Khor to pray for us. He not only prayed, he also prophesied to our church. As he delivered his word I felt a physical jolt go through my body - right away I knew that this was the Spirit of the Lord - "and you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit come on you..." (Acts 2:8). Something significant happened. Last Saturday, despite my excitement about the Catalyst Activation event - I felt a lot of apprehension and, frankly, fear about the idea of going out to encounter strangers in the street. But in the days that followed, God began to do something which is in process still. All I can say is that I am looking forward to next Saturday. God did something in me. I feel different about heading back out!

Rafael Gomez

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