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Sonia Kim
Nov 09, 2019
In General Discussions
This is the first time I've heard about deep inner healing and experienced it myself. It's such an amazing experience to invite Jesus to heal us of our deepest wounds. To know that Jesus knit us together since inception was a true revelation of God's heart for each life. He first revealed his heart to me about aborted babies a few years ago, where he literally just broke my heart for them. I felt the pain in his heart for every child that was aborted. And he showed me all my adopted friends, who turned out amazing. Then asked, "Why didn't you trust me? To take care of the baby?" It took a few years, but just now he is showing me how I am to get involved in that ministry through Choices Women's Center. As a follower of Jesus, we are to share every good thing God has given us. And I am very excited to share deep inner healing with others and bring light and value to each unborn child.

Sonia Kim

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